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Course Details

 Course Code: ML0103EN

 Audience: Beginners

 Course Level: Beginner

 Time to Complete: 5 hours

 Language: English

About this Data Analytics Course

Data science is a multidisciplinary skill that requires proficiency in hardware and software, domain expertise and communication skills, and statistics and modelling. While individually, all of them are scalable fields, there is a growing need for people who master all three. A person who is proficient in even one field can easily excel in the rest.

In this course, you will achieve this by following a case study to define its business objective, establish the required data and use R, the programming language, and derive insights from the data. You will be required to present your findings to a business audience for an immersive learning experience.

This course will equip you with basic statistical concepts through step-by-step guidance on conducting analyses to master and solve various business problems.

Course Syllabus

  • Understand business contexts
  • Formulate business objective
  • State hypothesis
  • Assess available data
  • Assign data for usage
  • Using CC Labs (Data Scientist Workbench)
  • What is R?
  • Loading data into R with Data Scientist Workbench
  • Upload a CSV data file into Data Scientist Workbench and RStudio
  • Access Google Trends data in R
  • Regression and Google Trends Data in R
  • Box Plots and Histograms in R
  • Scatter Plots & Lines of best fit in R
  • Simple Linear Regression in R
  • Use data to answer business questions
  • Summarize data analytics processes
  • Present data insights

General Information

  • Self-paced
  • Flexible enrolment
  • Audit multiple times

Existing Recommended Skills

  • Basic Statistics
  • Basic R


  • None

Course Staff

Fireside Analytics Inc

Fireside Analytics Inc

Shingai Manjengwa (@Tjido) is the CEO of Fireside Analytics Inc., an ed-tech start-up that develops customized online and in-person courses on digital literacy, data science, data visualization and coding to high school students, policymakers, senior executives, small business owners and working professionals. The Data Science courses by Fireside Analytics have over 300,000 registered learners on platforms like IBMs and Coursera.

An IBM Influencer and Author, Shingai has a Master’s in Business Analytics from NYU Stern. Shingai is the founder of Fireside Analytics Academy, a registered private high school (BSID:886528) that teaches students to solve problems with data.