Prashanth Arutla

Prashanth Arutla

Member of the Founding Team

  • Executive MBA (PGPMAX): Indian School of Business
  • Engineering Graduate from PDA College
  • Chairman HITAM University


A passionate educationist and a conscientious citizen, Mr Prashanth Arutla is the founder and chairman of the Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management (HITAM) located in Hyderabad, India with the aim of using education to empower.

A firm believer in learning through application, Prashanth’s philosophy reflects on HITAM and its belief in ‘doing engineering’. HITAM also has the added distinction of being the first Indian educational institution to secure a silver rating by the US Green Building Council, LEED, in the year 2008, and being recognised as the best performing green building.

Mr Prashanth earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the PDA College and went on to graduate from the PGPMAX program at the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. Dynamic and proactive, he is also an active part of the Management Development Programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA, ISB, Hyderabad as well as at the renowned IIM, Ahmedabad.

He envisions HITAM as a fundamentally different university wherein the students are not only equipped for professional success but also in a manner that empowers them to contribute to society. Under his esteemed leadership, HITAM has been widely recognised for its outstanding community engagement as well as for being a transformational engineering institute.