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Course Details

 Course Code: RP0103EN

 Audience: Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Database Developer, DBA

 Course Level: Intermediate

 Time to Complete: 5 hours

 Language: English

About the Course

  • Do you want to use the power of R to unlock the value of data in relational databases?
  • Are you an SQL professional looking to get skilled in data science?
  • Are the limits of R programming language preventing you from analyzing very large data sets?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course will equip with the skills you require. It will introduce you to the benefits of using R with databases, help you connect to databases from R, show you how to create database objects, populate the database, and issue SQL queries to retrieve and modify your data from R. The course will also delve into advanced topics of using stored procedures and utilizing in-database analytics with R.

Course Syllabus

General Information

  • Self-paced
  • Flexible enrolment
  • Audit multiple times


  • Introductory knowledge of R (Course: R 101)
  • Working knowledge of SQL and Relational Databases 101

Recommended Existing Skills

  • Data Analysis with R

Course Staff

Rav Ahuja

Rav Ahuja

Rav Ahuja is a Senior Manager with IBM Canada Lab, specializing in Data Science and Big Data analytics. He is part of the Emerging Technologies team and is involved in incubating offerings for Data and Analytics Professionals. Rav also leads the work on partnerships and private portals for BDU. He also presents at events worldwide and has authored numerous papers, articles, books and courses on subjects in managing and analyzing data. Rav holds B. Eng. from McGill University and MBA from University of Western Ontario.

Grant Hutchison

Grant Hutchison

Grant Hutchison had worked with IBM for 18 years as Senior Engineer and Manager at IBM Canada (1991-2009). He held various roles, including software development, support, quality assurance, marketing, sales, training, and product management. Since 2010, he has been focusing himself as a computer science teacher in Toronto District School Board. He has two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master degree in software engineering from three well-known universities in Ontario, Canada. Grant Hutchison published a book and holds a patent in software system and database.