AI for Business Leaders

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  • 40 hours of learning Over 7 weekends
  • Online format with Self-paced classes
  • Course fee ₹50,000/- ₹ 20,000/-


Over the past decade, AI has significantly transformed the way humans and machines interact with each other, resulting in highly efficient workplaces and a data-driven business world, in general. In recent times, however, its ever-growing potential has found its way into the strategy and corporate outlook of many enterprises. Businesses all across the world have started integrating AI into the core of their operations to rethink their strategy and drive towards high performance. But what does it exactly take to make your business an AI-powered one?

Discover and demystify the challenges of AI implementation through a hands-on approach and cross learning with 50 other business leaders from a plethora of industries. A comprehensive curriculum devised by a business leader helps you become familiar with the foundations of the disruptive technology along with what it takes to intertwine it with your business strategy.

Program objectives

By the time you complete AI for Business Leaders, you’ll be able to -

  • Create a strategic roadmap to become an AI-driven enterprise.
  • Implement a machine learning program and understand its operation.
  • Identify newer opportunities in your business that AI brings along.
  • Navigate the ethical, legal and social implications of AI.


  • A well-prepared individual with prior experience in a business setting.
  • Required to have a laptop and browser for Jupyter Notebook.

Quizzes: 25%

One quiz per module based on class presentation and reading material

Project: 75%

A use case of your choice for an AI-integrated business roadmap


  • Introduction to AI - ML / DL / NLP / Autonomous Systems
  • Definitions and Buzzwords.
  • Hype Vs Reality.
  • Implications of AI for business strategy and society
  • Discover who and how enterprises are using AI.
  • Identifying opportunities.
  • Gain exposure to AI applications across functional areas.
  • Workflow of an AI project - from POC to Production.
  • Probabilistic vs Deterministic decision making.
  • AI transformation playbook.
  • Rich case studies.
  • AI First strategy.
  • Ethical, legal, and economic implications.
  • Trends in the labor market and future of work.
  • Changing Nature of Work.
  • Man Vs Machine.
  • Reskilling and training paradigms.
  • Talent retention.
  • Ethical & Social impact.
  • Explore the future of AI and its potential in your organization.
  • Create a business roadmap for implementation of AI in your area of business.
  • Explore & quantify business impact.

The RECODE Advantage

World-class & tailored mentorship

Rahul Bhuman
Rahul Bhuman

With more than 18 years of experience across investment, corporate strategy and software development, Rahul Bhuman offers an invaluable synergy of the know-how of the Indian business environment and the AI expertise, drawn in from Silicon Valley, the AI hub of the world.

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A peer network of 50 business leaders

Connect with the leading business minds of India and discover the impact of AI across a multitude of industries like IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking, Real Estate, Financial Services and so many more, all the while engaging in disruptive conversations with the industry experts.

The course enrols 50 business leaders coming in with game-changing innovations and ideas to integrate AI into the core of business operations across a wide range of industries. This allows you to become a part of intense cross learning and a rich network for life.

  • Exclusive networking
  • Real-time interactions
  • Immersive learning