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Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and XR- Extended Reality - coming soon!

    Courses offered

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Can machines think humanly? Move a step closer to finding the answer to this universal question through a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence.

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    Blockchain for Business

    Blockchain for Business

    Learn and take part in realising the far-reaching implications of the new industrial revolution — blockchain and its potential to transform the way businesses operate.

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    Cloud Technologies

    Cloud Technologies

    Uncover the freedom to experiment and deploy technology services in a matter of minutes with an intensive course around the benefits of cloud-based computing.

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    XR - Extended Reality

    XR - Extended Reality

    Leverage the immersive technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality that are equipped to transform the everyday consumer experience.

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    Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    Learn why implementing effective cybersecurity in an environment that is dominated by devices over human beings is crucial & particularly necessary.

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    Artificial Intelligence - Course overview

    AI has the potential to significantly transform the way machines and humans interact with one another. And the aim of RECODE Minds is to help you harness this potential to become future-ready, today.

    We collaborate with technical mentors & industry experts of Silicon Valley who bring along years of extensive knowledge of AI. World-class curriculum along with interactive teaching techniques thus paves the way for an immersive learning experience which is intense yet exciting.

    Course highlights

    World-class technical mentors

    technical mentors

    Relevant & interactive pedagogy

    Relevant &
    interactive pedagogy

    Adaptive & contemporary curriculum

    Adaptive &
    contemporary curriculum

    Immersive learning experience

    Immersive learning

    Hands-on, real-world case studies & projects

    Hands-on, real-world
    case studies & projects

    Exclusive access to the Tech Lounge

    Exclusive access
    to the Tech Lounge

    Mentoring sessions from Silicon Valley

    Mentoring sessions
    from Silicon Valley

    In-house career coaching

    In-house career coaching

    Placement assurance

    Placement assurance

    Are our courses the right fit for you?

    A genuine yet important question that can shadow your thoughts is how relevant are our courses for your career. And it is natural for you to feel so.

    To help you find an answer to this, our team of counselors screens your profile thoroughly to analyze if the AI course, for instance, fits into your work profile. Through a comprehensive consultation, we help align the strengths of your skillset with the course offerings so that you can leverage the potential of each course, effectively.

    Get free access to a first-of-its-kind Tech Lounge in the heart of HITEC City

    Get free access to a first-of-its-kind
    Tech Lounge in the heart of HITEC City

    Say hello to an exclusive center for networking, dynamic conversations and active learning! Our objective is to create an exciting atmosphere for participants, professionals and mentors to engage in immersive conversations for an enriched learning experience.

    Gain access to e-labs, video-conferencing rooms, podcasts, live interviews and 24x7 networking with passionate individuals across the city.

    Artificial Intelligence - Demystifying Responsible AI

    Tuesday, 30 June 2020 : 11:30 – 13:30 hrs
    (Digital Platform- Cisco Webex)

    While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing all aspects of human and business activity, we are currently knocking the doors of unexplored AI territories. While the potential benefits emerging from AI technologies have been widely discussed, there is an urgent need to understand how AI systems should be implemented to operate responsibly. Given the power that AI systems command today, the significance of their decisions and the impact...

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