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AI generates new words that do not exist

June 14, 2020

If you thought the internet wasn’t a strange place, you haven’t been to the right websites yet. is a website made by San-Francisco based engineer Thomas Dimson. It creates words that do not exist.

Thomas has created a new AI that can create artificial words and definitions when a user clicks on the button. Thomas used to be a part of Facebook-owned company Instagram where he worked on Instagram’s recommendation algorithm.

The AI works on NLP i.e natural language processing algorithm called Transformers along with a language framework known as GPT-2. GPT - 2 can predict new words based on the information fed to it. These new words and definitions are indistinguishable from what humans would write.

Previously many people were concerned about GPT-2 functions and its effects on the current languages but researchers have allowed it for free use as a test to study its effects. 

The site studies more than eight million pages which are taken from popular social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook. The algorithm assesses the most shareable content to create new words. 

Although the system looks perfect and clean, it really is not. On the website, a small disclaimer says “words are not reviewed and may reflect bias in the training set” that tells us what issues the website’s AI could be facing. 

It is only now, after all the criticism AI has attracted in recent years, that we are beginning to wake up to its potential.