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Artificial Intelligence-Demystifying Responsible AI

July 3, 2020

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 : 11:30 – 13:30 hrs
(Digital Platform- Cisco Webex)

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing all aspects of human and business activity, we are currently knocking the doors of unexplored AI territories. While the potential benefits emerging from AI technologies have been widely discussed, there is an urgent need to understand how AI systems should be implemented to operate responsibly. Given the power that AI systems command today, the significance of their decisions and the impact they create in the society; it is critical for us to instil and infuse basic principles related to ethics, transparency, & inclusiveeness while designing & operationalizing these systems. As such, “Responsible AI” is a much needed topic for the industry to discuss, converge and set the tone for responsible technological disruption.

Against this background & as a part of the work plan of Regional Committee on AI, CII is organising a Virtual Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the theme “Demystifying Responsible AI” on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 from 1130 – 1330 IST hrs. While this topic is relevant broadly across multiple industries, the focus of discussion will be on manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare sectors. The Conference will be organised over Virtual Platform (Cisco Webex).

The Conference aims to bring together, CxOs (Analytics, Data, Information, Innovation, Technology), Strategists & Decision Makers, start-ups and thought leaders to discuss and focus on how AI uncover AI's limitations and untapped opportunities and anticipate how Responsible AI will change the business landscape