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Google app now can convert your doodle into a masterpiece using AI

July 23, 2020

Google’s Art and Culture app now lets users convert their doodles into a masterpiece in seconds with a new feature called “Art Transfer” 

Users can select an array of different styles of well-known paintings and incorporate their styles. This is possible due to an AI algorithm developed by Google. The app does not overlay the style of the well-known painting but uses the AI algorithm to recreate the same drawing into the style of the painting.

According to Google’s statement, they have collaborated with the UK's National Gallery and Japan's MOA Museum of Art, and other various cultural institutes to allow them to have different styles that draw from the likes of Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Edvard Munch or Leonardo da Vinci.

Google’s Art and Culture app was already a success in 2018 when people used it to find masterpieces identical to their own drawings and sketches. This feature was made available a year later in the UK.