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Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are important for Autonomous Enterprises?

February 20, 2021

What is Artificial Intelligence?? 

It is a theory, set of programs, or set of computer systems that are developed to ease the workload for the humans. These are developed to perform tasks similar to that of humans like speech recognition, picking up stuff, etc. It is a computer system's ability to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals.

What is Machine Learning?? 

It is a part of Artificial Intelligence in which the computer system learns to do stuff automatically without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning's priority is to make the computer system learn automatically without the need for humans. To understand Artificial Intelligence, it is important to first understand Machine Learning. 

Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Autonomous Enterprises 

We cannot say that we have mastered the art of Artificial Intelligence, we are still in the early days but we are making good progress. For Autonomous Enterprises, many of their decisions like working of the companies, the productivity, and profitability of the companies are managed by Artificial Intelligence with the help of Machine Learning, and after few years of working with Artificial Intelligence, humans won't be able to imagine doing work without them. 

Machine Learning with time has become very easy to learn and cost-effective. Therefore, Autonomous Industries have started investing in them rather than in humans. As they help you do your job faster and accurately. Artificial Intelligence is helping the Autonomous industries get automated which will help them work more precisely. 

There are two types of AI 

  1. Weak AI 
  2. Strong AI 

Weak AI is used in software like the Google Assistant or Apple's Siri. 

Whereas Strong AI is used by the Autonomous Industries for solving complex problems without the need of humans. Strong AI can perform tasks of humans. They have general problem-solving abilities as well so when there is a complex task presented, it can complete it without any human help. 

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. For Artificial Intelligence, the machines need to be programmed in a particular way to perform activities without the need for human help. Therefore, machine learning has become a very important part of autonomous industries. If we use Machine Learning to program the system then it does not need any further help in doing the particular work it has been programmed for, we just have to input the problem and leave it to the machine to solve it. Thus, Machine Learning is used widely in many large-scale Autonomous Industries. They can deal with huge amounts of data that can manage their tasks efficiently using machine learning technology. 

In some Autonomous Industries AI is used for Disaster Management which won't put the lives of people in danger. The cost of Artificial Intelligence is higher due to the hardware and software used in making them. But they give an Autonomous Industries advantage over other industries who don't have AI because AI can solve a problem faster and more efficiently than humans. 

Some of the Autonomous Industries use AI and Machine Learning for their sales and marketing. They can now keep records and analyze the customer data, and also keep a record of the purchase history. This also helps them to give personalized recommendations to the customers. 

Cloud Services 

The Artificial Intelligence cloud platform provides the company with a place where they can store all their information so that they can access them whenever they need it. 

Predictive Maintenance 

Artificial Intelligence can also spot any changes that could lead to serious problems in the future long before it could affect the performance of the machine. Which a normal group of laborers could not have seen and hence leading to the problem which could be hard to solve for them. 

Smart Manufacturing 

Artificial Intelligence not only ensures good end products but also improves the manufacturing process. It helps humans to for producing products in a faster and more efficient manner. Artificial Intelligent machines can move materials around plants by themselves without requiring the humans for directions or for controlling them. They can identify objects in their path and adjust their route. All these Artificial Intelligence machines are used by autonomous Industries for making the product in less time keeping the quality of the product intact. 

Cyber Security 

One of the most important things for any Industry is storing its data securely. In cybersecurity, AI is making great strides as it has not been used to its fullest yet, as it still has some cons when it comes to security for storing data. One thing which the AI provides in cybersecurity is it works as a security guard and can track whenever the user is deviating from what is the standard data extraction from the cloud. 

Faster Supply Chain 

Consumers demand shorter delivery waits from retailers and retailers will expect the same from manufacturers and distribution centers. Thus, AI robots help to reduce the time taken in the production and supply of the product. AI using Autonomous Industries are at a greater advantage over their rivals in terms of productions and supplying the product to the distributions center and from there to the buyers. 

Many people fear that with the uprise of the Artificial Intelligent Robots the human Employment will be affected in a bad way. Do I agree with this?? Well Partially. 

If you consider the time when the antibiotics and vaccines were created it didn't put doctors out of work but it made our lives better and similarly when better tools are invented for our work it generally does not affect human's work but it affects their nature of work and these changes are for better.

So, these were some of the reasons, why the emerging Autonomous Enterprises prefer to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning over human force.