Kevin Vivian

Kevin Vivian

AI Engineer ICURO

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Clara
  • AI Engineer ICURO
  • Accurately predicted product manufacturing time using LASSO regression and XGBoost
  • Achieve a Matthews Correlation Coefficient of 0.78 using Bayesian Optimization and grid searches
  • Parallelized live 4K video feed on NVIDIA GPUs for a Deep Learning-based model that detects vehicle license plates for safety and surveillance use cases


Kevin Vivian is an accomplished AI Engineer at ICURO, a Silicon Valley-based AI systems company that specializes in combined hardware, software, and data to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) based business outcomes.

Kevin is a new-age Data Scientist highly skilled in Machine Learning and descriptive/inferential statistics using Python and R. He works with databases like HADOOP and MongoDB as well as libraries like Sckit-Learn, Pandas, and Tensorflow across all platforms. A highly skilled mathematician who is extremely passionate about teaching, Kevin brings with him a wealth of experience and real-time knowledge straight from the hub of AI in Silicon Valley.