Pandian Angaiyan

Pandian Angaiyan

Chief Technology Officer - High Technology Cluster

  • Ph.D., High-Performance Numerical and Symbolic Algorithms for Real-Time Applications: Indian Institute of Science
  • Master of Technology, Computer Technology: University of Mysore
  • Bachelor of Engineering- Electronics, Telecommunication and Computer Technology: Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers
  • Post Diploma- Digital Communication Engineering, Digital Communication, Information Theory: School of Engineering Studies
  • Post Diploma- Computer Engineering, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Numerical Methods, System Design: School of Engineering Studies
  • Diploma - Electronics and Telecommunication: MEI Polytechnic
  • Chief Technology Officer - High Technology Cluster, Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc
  • Member of the Board of Directors, iGrantha Inc
  • Director & Board Member, DevOps Technology Inc (DTI)
  • Advisory Board Member, T and R
  • Developed a constrained linear system for solving non-linear energy management systems using graph theory-based symbolic computations.
  • Developed an i860 based cycle-accurate parallel processing system simulator and analysis tools for parallel algorithms.


Dr Pandian currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Tech Mahindra’s High Technology Cluster as well as a Member of the Board of Directors at iGrantha Inc.

Dr Pandian possesses a deep blend of insights in image processing and high-performance computing using multicore and GPU techniques, especially across the medical and industrial domains.

Dr Pandian has also worked on developing a series of creative business propositions around leveraging cloud computing to allow digital media companies aggregate processing to reduce time-to-market and substantially improve time-to-cash flow for larger-scale digital productions.