Sudhakar Alla

Sudhakar Alla

Autonomous Systems Engineer

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering: California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
  • Computer Engineering- Transfer, Art New Media (ARTNM): American River College
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering: California State University, Sacramento
  • Autonomous Systems Engineer, ICURO
  • Developed an AI/Learning (in python) based robot to solve and navigate randomly sized mazes w/ sensors (Sonar/IR/IMU), controls system, and custom PCB design
  • Built a remote-controlled security robot using OpenCV graphic libraries to enable Motion Detection & Facial Recognition
  • Developed a C++ OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system using a Neural Network on an RPI SoC to recognize numeric digits (94%+ accuracy using MNIST dataset and 87%+ accuracy using custom generated dataset) to help dyslexic students


Mr Sudhakar Alla is an Autonomous Systems Engineer with expertise in robotics, image processing, machine learning and development of hardware-software integrated systems. He also has hands-on experience in developing solutions for high-velocity Industry 4.0. Enterprises.

Moreover, he has worked on delivering AI at-the-edge capabilities on a cost and power-efficient compute stack with a focus on hardware-agnostic technologies.

Despite his extensive experience of over 4 years with software, Mr Sudhakar is adept at Electrical/Electronics Engineering concepts due to his active work in the field and his involvement in various projects, Hackathon as well as coursework.

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering (50% Computer Science & 50% Electrical Engineering).